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CSS is committed to providing a complete range of technical services. We commit to 100% satisfaction if chosen as your technical service provider. Our team of professionals have the ability & experience to understand and resolve all Technical matters.

Plumbing & Carpentry

The Plumbing and Carpentry function will include day to day complaint management and better end-user experience. The plumbing will include a complete stand-alone building or infrastructure within the scope of client, issue outside the building premises effecting the day to day functioning will be dealt through local governing bodies with better coordination and liaising. In plumbing mostly, the leakages, chock up-blockages, minor modification, alteration-addition activities within the facilities will be addressed. Similarly, in carpentry both wood and glass carpentry complaint will be attended this throughout source vendor in case of major complaint and for minor complaint in-house complaint attainment will be initiated. Therefore, bifurcation of minor and major complaint need to be agreed between client and service provider to keep a better TAT and end user satisfaction.

Fire & Alarm Systems

This is mandatory for all high rise structures, Hence all high rise structures are provided with Fire & Alarm system, This consist of high pressure line risers across all shafts in building operated through heavy duty centrifugal pumps both motor and diesel operated. The system is always kept live and worked under ring man principle & sprinkling principle based on locations. The system is operative from individual location with centralised monitoring. The other part of fire is alarm system which consist of smoke and heat detector installed at various locations to detect heat or smoke and sound alert by alarming the personnel to evacuate the facilities in case of fire.

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