Quality Policy

Quality policy of Comprehensive Support Services assures to comply with the requirements of our clients and is achieved by operating a comprehensive, coordinated quality system, which assures the quality of all services, products and processes offered by CSS. Quality system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is implemented across our entire CSS client locations and includes all activities which impact upon all who come in contact during the delivery of our services.

Divisional Head and all senior managers of the company are committed to ensuring that the system is effective in achieving quality and satisfying customers both now and in the future. We will strive to continually improve upon services, products and processes and our quality management system.

We will set quality objectives, which will be measured and reported. Financial costs associated with these objectives will be attributed wherever possible.

These objectives include:

Customer Satisfaction And Complaints / Feedback Handling

Compliance With Relevant Regulatory And Industry Standards

Waste Reduction And Energy Efficiency

Continuous Improvements In ISO 9001:2015 Standards Delivered At All Locations

Every Onshore And Offshore Location To Receive An Internal Audit Annually

To encourage a culture of continual improvement, CSS will continue to acknowledge and reward effective teamwork, individual success and will evaluate its services, products, and processes continuously. We invest in people and embrace service excellence standards. Our emphasis on training acts as a testimony to our commitment in this area.