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As one of the leading food services companies across the world, CSS infuses the benefits of local market knowledge and services with the specifications of our esteemed clients, which are at a global level. CSS ensures a one point service contact so that our attention to Health, Safety and Environment is centralized and thus, maximised. With our many years of experience in serving diverse sectors- corporate offices, industrial estates, healthcare units, education institutions and energy and resources, we have trained our

staff to adapt and be responsive to the changing food requirements, keeping in mind the taste and hygiene standards, which is consistently redefined by the SOP and Supply Chain Management. Our self-managed model helps us to ensure services are always in accordance with the Company’s guidelines. We pride our self to be fully complaint, ability to address clients’ need by ensuring a quick turn around by empowering management & the ability to manage large workforce that reflect our progressive practices.

Our food services cover cafeterias, industrial canteens, school canteens, hospital cafeterias, food courts, event buffets, corporate canteens and food on ships.

our Services

We provide round-the-clock services (breakfast to dinner) for all business segments across the globe through our basket of innovative solutions and recipes. With our collective experience and professionally qualified staff, we offer the widest choice of food service solutions, from executive dining and contemporary staff restaurants, modern quick service restaurants, food courts

and on-site retail outlets. We always work in partnership with our clients to understand their individual and specific requirement and address them while formulating our solution. We provide value added services which are professionally managed. Choice, quality, convenience, and value are the key to meeting customer expectations.

Gourmet cuisine connoisseurs, sticklers for traditional fare, fast food fanatics, calorie counters, the cost conscious, and the ‘grazers’ – we cater to all kinds of people through our creative and varied options.

We are passionate in everything that what we do right from providing the best food and the best customer experience. Every year, we set benchmarks for those we do business with and for those who work for us. We achieve our goals through strong partnerships, working closely as a team and benefiting from mutual respect and a shared goal. Providing innovative catering solutions, we are constantly generating fresh ideas for flexible, value – added service that meets the ever-changing needs of our clients and customers.

Our Offerings

Cafeteria Management
Cafeteria Management
Industrial Canteen
School Cafeteria
In-house Patient Dining
Food Courts
Events & Corporates
Guest House Management
Oil Rigs

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