Energy & Resources

What We Do

In general Energy and Resources locations are located in remote areas or in the middle of the sea, thereby posing a complete different set of challenges particularly in terms of logistics and safety. CSS has been successfully providing services to many international and national oil companies under these circumstances for many years through its continuous focus on Health and Safety, and training of its staff who are dedicated to this sector of business.

CSS provides a range of Offshore Services in
safe and sustainable manner.

Our Services

Our services to this sector include food services, housekeeping and laundry, pest control, food supplies, supply manpower, equipment, medical supplies and one off turnkey projects.

Our dedicated professional team ensures that our services are of international standard and maintain the same consistency be it guest houses, mining camps, offshore rigs or accommodation barges or oil rigs.

CSS Enhances Quality of Life. Get in touch with us for the best Integrated Solutions.